About Matt Dapore

Even among most healthcare COOs, Matt Dapore has an impressive resume. This resume includes administration at multiple facilities across the Ohio, with proven success in renewing the succes of decaying facilities. This career began with the St. Francis St. George Hospital of Cincinnati, where he was recreational therapist. He passionately ran multiple programs for the disabled and developmentally delayed. After a few years of this, he applied for administrator-in-training at the St. Leonard Center, joining in 1996. He continued to hold those programs he created close to his heart as entered the role, continuing to develop more as his career rose. Once a full administrator, moved on to serve a number of other facilities. With expansive experience in hand, and understanding the needs that facilities had all across the state, he joined with Hillstone Heatlhcare in Columbus. This company is a healthcare management tour de force which serves dozens of facilities. Mat hopes to continue seeing the company grow and succeed as he continues to work and develop as COO.

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